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Webinar | 11th of July | 16:00-16:45 CET

Why Axtension® Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation with Axtension 
- Summer 2024

This webinar will demonstrate how Axtension® Invoice Processing - including newly added capabilities - helps organizations automate their accounts payable invoices handling.

The world of accounts payable is changing a lot, with enhanced technologies for invoice recognition (OCR/AI) and ever-changing legal requirements. With E-invoicing gradually becoming the industry standard and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ever growing and expanding with new modules and capabilities, the demands and needs from the software that supports your business processes changes constantly.

The Axtension® business solutions prepare organizations for these changes, now and in the future. We will continue to focus on further automating these processes and taking your Accounts Payable team(s) to the next level while also leveraging and accelerating Dynamics 365’s core capabilities. Allowing you to manage just the exceptions, with the corrective actions already presented to you.

Join this webinar to see how Axtension is impacting organizations to remain on top of their game for accounts payable invoice automation.

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