Insights from Microsoft Ignite

The AI-Focused Future with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Ignite, the annual tech conference, provided a deep dive into Microsoft's commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) and the necessary elements required for its success. The event showcases substantial investments in data centre hardware to enhance processing capabilities efficiently. At the heart of this initiative is Microsoft Fabric, a suite of tools connecting all data, facilitating seamless analyses.

Microsoft's Copilot

A highlight of the Ignite conference was Microsoft's emphasis on Copilot, a versatile tool that isn't a singular entity but can be developed for various processes. Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, proudly referred to the company as "the copilot company," advocating for a copilot for every task. To materialize this vision, Microsoft unveiled Copilot Studio during Ignite, which empowers end-users to create their own Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and plugins for a personalized Copilot experience.

AI-led ERP

Within the domain of AI in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a new wave of productivity growth was presented, described as AI-led ERP. Copilot is increasingly finding applications in ERP to streamline processes. Microsoft's strategic approach involves moving from low-stakes to high-stakes AI implementation in ERP. AI is presented as the new interface of our daily work, with Microsoft envisioning an AI-first experience that supports end-users in focusing on strategic decisions with AI.

How will Axtension adopt AI technology?

We are passionate about providing the highest quality solutions to optimize business-critical processes for companies. This is what drives us to strengthen our partners’ value propositions and boost the competitive power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We are prepared for an AI-centric future and each Axtension® business solution is developed with care through:

  • Proactive Management by Exception: Predict Exceptions before they occur;
  • Convert actionable insights into suggestive actions;
  • Enabling conversational interactions with your data via Copilot.

Our machine learning (ML) models, which are key to our development, could seamlessly integrate with Copilot Studio. This will allow us to create personalized Axtension Copilots - enabling contextual interactions from end-users with their data across multiple platforms.

Axtension’s commitment to integrate AI seamlessly into business processes, ensuring a future-ready approach to technology and any business challenge that may arise, resonates clearly with Microsoft. The journey towards an AI-first experience is well underway, and we are excited to see new technologies strengthen our mission: to help people focus on what counts by simplifying daily tasks.