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Automate AP Invoice Processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Axtension

Invoice processing is a tedious process and is often a productivity bottleneck as a business grows. Without an automation solution in place, the accounts payable team struggles to keep pace with the steady stream of paperwork and information-gathering necessary for invoice settlement.

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has brought significant improvements to the Accounts Payable module, especially with the introduction of its Optical Character Recognition feature, known as Invoice Capture. This feature transforms the Accounts Payable module into a comprehensive solution for handling invoices. With Invoice Capture, organizations can seamlessly receive invoices, extract critical data, and initiate appropriate processes using Pending Vendor Invoices or Invoice Journals.

Axtension and Dynamics 365 is A Powerful Combination

Axtension® Invoice Processing stands out as the sole certified and fully embedded AP Automation solution that not only enhances but also fully integrates with Dynamics 365’s latest features, including the Electronic Invoicing microservice and the Landed Cost module. With Microsoft’s Invoice Capture, Axtension® Invoice Processing can now utilize this additional OCR source, ensuring that all invoices, irrespective of their origin, are processed efficiently within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration allows companies to leverage the full range of automation capabilities offered.

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An enterprise organisation that operates globally recently shared:

‘’The latest version of Axtension® Invoice Processing on top of Dynamics 365 offers a significant boost compared to what we were previously capable of achieving. When we initially set out to optimize the process for dealing with all supplier invoices, we were able to process around 40.000 invoices on a yearly basis and while that is much more than we could process without Axtension® Invoice Processing, still a considerable number of invoices required exception handling because they originate from different sources outside of Axtension® Invoice Processing. Nowadays we manage a multitude of different types of invoices including electronic invoices as well as non-PO invoices, of which the latter poses the most demanding challenges. With the latest improvements of Axtension® Invoice Processing, there is a lot more flexibility, automation and streamlining added regardless of what type of invoice or source applies. We made a significant jump in dealing with complex invoices – no longer causing bottlenecks for our departments and increasing our Invoice Automation’’.

Key Benefits of Automated Axtension® Invoice Processing for Dynamics 365 Users

Our solution gets your team up and running quickly with minimal user instruction. How is that possible? It’s a certified solution that works right from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 screens your team is already using. This helps you see results as soon as you go live, like these:

  • Efficient Invoice Management: The majority of invoices are processed automatically, leaving AP staff to handle only exceptions. This efficiency reduces the workload and simplifies the invoice management process.
  • Continuous Updates and Ease of Use: Regular updates ensure that it stays ahead in terms of compatibility with Dynamics 365, market demands, and best practices, making managing invoices more straightforward than ever.
  • Exception-Based Approach: By focusing on invoice exceptions rather than volume, AP teams can achieve higher automation rates, allowing them to devote more time to tasks that add value and drive the business forward.
  • Real-Time Data and Integration: The seamless integration with Dynamics 365 means AP teams always work with up-to-date data and can manage invoice exceptions within the environment they’re already accustomed to, minimizing the need for additional training.
  • Enhanced Communication and Flexibility: Axtension® Invoice Processing allows for easy collaboration using everyday communication channels and is compatible with various OCR solutions, maximizing the utility of existing investments.

Streamline Your Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable with Axtension® Invoice Processing

Axtension® Invoice Processing is not just a solution; it’s a way to supercharge your existing systems and empower your AP teams. By integrating with Dynamics 365’s new capabilities, the solution offers unparalleled efficiency in handling large volumes of invoices. Don’t let invoice processing be a bottleneck in your organization.

About Axtension

Founded in the Netherlands, Axtension is an independent software vendor dedicated to extending the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Since 2007, our team of experts has added continuous value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 by developing seamlessly integrated add-on business solutions for accounts payable automation, document management, enterprise projects and shipment orchestration. We pride ourselves in keeping organizations one step ahead with business solutions that extend beyond intuitive to proactive so that those who work with them can focus on what matters: meaningful work that makes people fulfilled and drives business forward.