Accounts Payable Automation

Why level up your Accounts Payable process?

In the fast-paced world of finance, efficiency isn't just a goal—it's a necessity. Axtension® Invoice Processing offers the only fully embedded Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution that truly embraces and enriches the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This isn't a mere replacement of Dynamics 365 functionality; it’s a powerful upgrade designed to elevate your AP processes to new heights.

Embrace Continuous Optimization

For businesses with straightforward, low-volume invoice processing needs, standard Dynamics 365 functionalities may suffice. However, for organizations striving to stay ahead of the competition through advanced automation or those dealing with complex AP requirements, Axtension® Invoice Processing is the essential optimization tool. AP automation is a journey, not a destination—one of continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of 100% efficiency.

Tailored Workspaces for Every Role

Axtension® Invoice Processing offers three dedicated workspaces tailored to the distinct roles within Accounts Payable:

  1. Approval Workspace: For approvers to streamline and expedite their processes.
  2. Management Workspace: For managers and controllers to gain actionable insights and maintain oversight.
  3. Processing Workspace: For clerks to handle all invoice types, not limited to Pending Vendor Invoices or Invoice Journals.

These workspaces are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s new Vendor Invoice Center, offering additional actionable insights and adopting the latest components of Microsoft’s workspace layout.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Automation

Axtension® Invoice Processing enriches Microsoft Dynamics 365’s capabilities, ensuring a truly touchless, full invoice matching process. Key features include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Invoice Capture and other OCR technologies.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Invoice Capture, Electronic Invoicing and Landed Cost functionality.
  • True touchless, full invoice matching process : Mixed 2 and 3-way matching and match-after-posting capabilities.
  • Support for complex tax matching requirements, simplifying tax processes.
  • Efficient handling of high-level non-PO invoices with coding templates and invoice contracts.
  • Real-time insights and predictive analytics for proactive decision-making.
  • Microsoft Teams implementation for seamless collaboration on invoices.
  • Fast and simple approval processes with the Axtension® Invoice Approval App, reminders, multi-select options, and review history.
  • Optimized workflow simulation with advanced hierarchies and assignments.

Unparalleled Efficiency Gains

With Axtension® Invoice Processing, organizations can achieve remarkable efficiency improvements:

  • 90% increase in efficiency for non-PO invoices.
  • 75% efficiency boost for PO invoices.

These efficiency gains unlock the full potential of any AP department, enabling businesses to automate more processes and manage exceptions more effectively.

Easy Implementation, Zero Risk

Axtension® Invoice Processing is designed for easy implementation with minimal risk. It is the perfect solution for organizations with complex needs or those handling high volumes of invoices, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future.

Elevate your AP department to the highest levels of efficiency with Axtension® Invoice Processing. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and offering advanced automation features, Axtension® Invoice Processing transforms your invoice processing from a cumbersome task to a streamlined, optimized operation. Embrace the future of AP automation and stay ahead of the competition with Axtension® Invoice Processing.