Webinar | 29th of January | 15:30 - 17:00 CET

Axtension for Enterprise Projects

This webinar will be highlighting the Axtension® Production Planning, Axtension® Project Management and Axtension® Project Controlling, formerly known as the Axtension® Planning & Control Suite.

During this session, we will be showcasing a functional demo on all new features, making it perfect for consultants. A brief summary can be found below.

Axtension® Production Planning

  • Production simulation
  • Capacity overview improvements
  • Show only groups and overloaded resources

Axtension® Project Management

  • Copy WBS templates to other organizations
  • Task planning improvements
  • Intercompany links
  • Filter staffing status
  • Create multi activity links
  • Schedule previous and schedule next
  • Multiselect drag and drop
  • Showing placeholders during drag and drop
  • Bulk edit improvements
  • Show Predecessors and Successors
  • Adjusted handling of fixed milestones
  • Capacity overview improvements

Axtension® Project Controlling

  • Copy CBS template to other organizations
  • Compare budget versions
  • Adjust revenue period split
  • Production budget specification
  • Change Management
  • Show only groups and overloaded resources