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About us

Think of us as bridge-builders: between the present and the future, between strategy and implementation, between human and technology. With an ecosystem of 26 expert companies in business transformation and IT services, we serve companies and governments on their digital journey toward the future. We believe integrity, reliability, and a sense of responsibility are key to the success of this transformation. Our clients also recognize this. That’s why they like working with us, and our people like working with them. We form a team.


Relationships are the basis of success – not the contract.

Contracts are rarely decisive for the success of collaboration. Rather, it’s the relationships at the heart of them that play a key role. Knowing what drives our partners is more important to us than finalizing contracts. Conversely, we like to share our drives with them. A good relationship is like a close friendship and can sometimes last for a lifetime.


Digitalization: superficial or in-depth

Digital transformation permeates into the very fabric of your organization. This goes beyond the use of new technology. Digital transformation sometimes turns the whole organization upside down, affecting everyone in its path. That’s why every digital ambition needs to be based on a clearly formulated vision, approach, and communication. You need to get people on board and prepare them for the digital journey.


The tip and the iceberg

We don’t just look at the visible tip of iceberg that everyone sees – we delve into everything hidden below the surface. We explore the aspects that have been obscured, but which are just as relevant for providing the right service. Take the long-term adoption of change or the underlying cultural change required for a technological project to succeed. At Conclusion, we assume ownership and consider the entire picture. High-profile innovations at the front end only work when somebody has thought about the underlying processes: those which guarantee acceleration, scalability, and continuity.


Ensuring access to functional technology

By its very nature, digitalization has a strong foundation in technology. But digital success depends on more factors, such as the structure of your organization or the way processes are defined. And of course human behaviour, a factor too often underestimated. So it’s smart to step it up a notch when it comes to the ‘soft’ side of things. Change should be people-focused: it only works with the support of people who are skilled and willing.


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