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Cegeka was created as part of the reconversion plan for the Campine Coal Mines in 1988. It consisted of a data centre and a small team of about 30 people who provided mainframe services to a limited number of customers. In 1991, VCST (Volvo Cars Sint-Truiden) became a new shareholder of Cegeka. Our founder, André Knaepen, was VCST’s IT manager at the time.

There was no long-term vision. In 1992, VCST wanted to stop the services but the opposite happened. André Knaepen invested all of his savings in Cegeka, and bought out the shareholders. He promised its employees that he would turn Cegeka into a success. André Knaepen grew up in a modest family in which common sense, respect, honesty, authenticity and entrepreneurship were important values.



Our family values, combined with a team of strong people and a strong vision, form the foundation on which our future is built. Our solutions accelerate growth and guide businesses towards digital relevance. Our focus is on solutions that solve business problems and have tangible business impact. These solutions must accelerate growth in a way which is seamless and which does not disrupt day-to-day operations.

These solutions must also guide organizations towards digital relevance. Organizations nowadays need to master the dynamics of digital engagement and in that way be extremely relevant.


We navigate the cloud landscape and uncover what’s beyond

Today, organizations are faced with a myriad of cloud solutions and cloud suppliers, as they move about in a cloud landscape that is complex, tends towards disorder and is hard to navigate. They are in need of guidance to keep an overview, and to make sure that their applications, infrastructure and people are still working together in as smart and efficient a way as possible.


We apply a pragmatic innovation approach

Our focus is firmly on pragmatic or applied innovation, and not on innovation for innovation’s sake. Our aim is always to maximize business impact; in order to do so we often have to bridge the gap between industrialization and innovation. We de-hype innovation: we start small (but think big) and we focus on results and delivery, both short and long term.


We believe in the power of the digital ecosystem

Because we offer a very broad portfolio and have both a wide and deep understanding of technology and trends, we are able to connect the dots and offer the customer a solution that leverages the best of several worlds. Connections often also means applying the ecosystem/platform thinking and building bridges between companies, partners and business models. The aim of functioning in a hyper connected system is to unlock and exchange value between all the parties involved.


This AXtension Partner is located in The Netherlands and Belgium and offer the following AXtension® business solutions:


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