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Our company is the most preferable implementation service provider in Microsoft technologies in the field of: CRM/BI/ERP.

Our unique on the Polish market competencies result from more than 25 years of experience in complex and multi-area projects requiring broad competences.


What distinguishes us (from other partners) is our methodology and our own team which consists of more than 100 experts, that allows us to engage such challenges. During the Project, from client needs analysis to service, we become part of the Customer Organization. Close co-operation is our way of effective implementation.

Together do IT


Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and IT solutions that support clients in achieving their business goals.


Implementation of IT solutions is very often associated with several-month, complex and extremely responsible activities, which often in practice strongly verify the assumptions made earlier. Then the most important value is the team. Choosing a supplier or a business partner is just the beginning of a common path that can only be successful thanks to mutual understanding, trust and cooperation. That is why “Together to IT” is supposed to emphasize the necessity of close cooperation between us, as a supplier, and our Clients and business partners. It refers to working together, which for us is the greatest value in every project we carry out, and it is only thanks to it that we can talk about success.


Our goal is to achieve the status of the most willingly chosen Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


This AXtension Partner is located in Poland and offers the following AXtension® Business Solutions:


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