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Accounts Payable Automation

Axtension® Invoice Processing

Automate vendor invoice processing inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 and manage all accounts payable tasks from a single location

Boost your business process

Automated invoice processing at your fingertips

Work smarter, not harder

Manage invoices by exception, not volume, and take back time for meaningful work that drives business forward

Get more from what you have

Ultimate flexibility: Axtension® Invoice Processing can work with any OCR solution, including Microsoft Invoice Capture

Make approvals seamless

Easy mobile access for all: the Axtension® Invoice Processing Approval Power App easily loops in approvers, no training required

Put your attention on what counts

Fine-tuning processes and capturing early payment discounts becomes easy with a deeper and more predictive look into your processes

How it works

Create accounts payable calm inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accounts Payable Automation certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Even with a modern ERP System like Microsoft Dynamics 365, accounts payable teams struggle to quickly settle vendor invoices. The key to AP automation that delivers immediate results with minimal training is a certified solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With Axtension® Invoice Processing, that’s just the start. No more searching to the far corners of Dynamics 365 to find the information needed to process invoices. Even the most complex invoices are processed straight through, and managing exceptions has never been easier: from the AP processor to the approver logging in on her mobile phone – each person works with the same real-time data, and gets exactly the information they need to complete their part.

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Axtension® Invoice Processing

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  • Exception-led invoice management
  • Automated coding, matching & approvals routing
  • Financial reporting & insights

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