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A company with solid experience and unique competence

An increasing number of customers have experienced the quality of Axdata’s business solutions, which has resulted in a strong growth during the last years, and today the company is located in numerous countries. With approximately 50 talented employees that every day use their passion for ERP and business solutions, we serve customers across borders and give our all to live up to our vision: Creating value for our customers – every day!


Our core values are respect, competence, engagement and loyalty.

Axdata is not only focused on having talented employees that deliver high expertise within technology, optimizing workflows and business development. We also care about making our customers feel well-taken care of, even after the solution is operational. In addition, we have a number of employees who stand out with excellent expertise and commitment to Microsoft technology, and who are in close dialogue with Microsoft R&D. This means that we help influence the further development of the solutions and have good insight on the way forward. As a result of this we can quickly stake out the right course for our customers in accordance with developments. We do not want to be big and impersonal, but aim to be a dedicated partner who focuses on you as a customer and we care about your everyday life and future.


This AXtension Partner is located in Norway and offers the following AXtension® Business Solutions:


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