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Enterprise Projects

Optimize Accounting & Project Management for Dynamics 365 with Axtension

Navigating the world of project management and accounting can be daunting. But in 2024, it can also be exciting. More and better tools are becoming available for tapping the value of your data and using it for strategic decision-making.

Not too long ago, Machine Learning and AI were the stuff of dreams. In 2024, they are becoming mainstream. If you use Microsoft's Project Management & Accounting with Dynamics 365, Axtension can help you optimize all aspects of your business.

Microsoft Project Management & Accounting is a module within Microsoft's Finance platform that empowers companies to streamline and enhance components of their project management, including planning, budgeting, and executing. It's a great combination.However, even after the initial implementation phase, some companies have requirements that the Project Management Accounting solution cannot meet. Thankfully, ISVs such as Axtension can fill the gaps by providing add-ons built to work with your solution.

Axtension to Enhance Project Management for Dynamics 365

Axtension combines deep industry experience with integrative add-ons to enrich and enhance the standard module provided by Microsoft. Standardizing business solutions ensures compatibility and keeps everything in the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite.

Axtension offers Microsoft-preferred solutions. Three of the most powerful are designed for project planning. They are Axtension® Production Planning, Axtension® Project Management, and Axtension® Project Controlling.

These three solutions evolved based on market needs to meet the challenges connected with most project management software. We keep ahead of our clients' needs by introducing new features for advanced planning capabilities every six months.

What Can You Do with Axtension's Dynamics 365 Project Management Solutions?

  • Focus on the value of your business rather than executing repetitive tasks by automating your processes.
  • Reduce uncertainty by transforming your data into usable knowledge.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in shared data. Save time and resources with effective business collaboration.
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Excellence and Innovation

When dealing with enterprise projects, you must consider every piece of the puzzle, including finance, resources, logistics, etc. Axtension solutions shine in single or multi-company scenarios. They drive production efficiency and handle supply chain automation.

Axtension Project Management is connected, comprehensive, and tailored to perfection. Axtension Project Controlling ensures proactive cost control throughout your entire project. Complex projects with many variables to track are often subject to scope creep and reduced margins. Prevent incessant change orders by having solid planning and real-time visibility into all parts of your project. Real-time, easy-to-interpret data will allow you to identify threats quickly and adapt your strategy. You can confidently avoid late-stage budget surprises.

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Learn more about Axtension® Project Controlling

Why Axtension, and not just Microsoft Project Operations?

Axtension focuses on production and supply chain scenarios, providing robust capabilities for multi-company setups. While Project Operations has its merits, our strength lies in specific business processes tailored for your success.

Learn when to position Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management & Accounting + Axtension by downloading our latest one-pager.

Are you ready to enter a future where planning becomes a strategic advantage? The Axtension team is here to help. Since 2007, our team of experts has added continuous value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 by developing seamlessly integrated add-on business solutions for accounts payable automation, document management, enterprise projects, and shipment orchestration.

Our mission is simple: to help people focus on what really matters by simplifying their daily tasks. We strive to extend business solutions beyond the intuitive to the proactive, enabling our users to focus on what truly drives them – meaningful work that brings fulfillment and accelerates business growth.

Explore helpful content on our website. Contact us to request a demonstration or to discuss optimal efficiency with one of our experts. Let's work together to shape the future of project management.