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Project Controlling

Advanced Project Cost Controls in Dynamics 365 with Axtension®

Managing project financials can be a daunting task for many businesses. Without a dedicated solution, companies face challenges in tracking expenses, forecasting budgets, and ensuring profitable margins.

While Dynamics 365 Finance offers a range of built-in features for financial management, some companies may find these tools insufficient for the complex needs of project controlling. The limitations become particularly evident in handling large-scale projects with numerous variables, where real-time visibility and proactive financial control are essential.

Introducing Axtension® Project Controlling for Project Accounting in Dynamics 365

How Axtension® Project Controlling Keeps Track of Project Progress and Budgets in Dynamics 36

Axtension® Project Controlling is a powerful tool designed to enhance the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance, specifically tailored for advanced project financial management. This solution integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365, providing users with a comprehensive suite of features aimed at optimizing project performance and financial health.By leveraging Axtension® Project Controlling, businesses can gain unprecedented control over their project financials, from initial budgeting to final margin analysis, ensuring every project’s success from start to finish.

Real-time Visibility and Earned Value Management

Axtension® Project Controlling leverages comprehensive data integration to offer a live view of project financials, enabling effective earned value management (EVM). This approach ensures project managers can instantly assess the financial health of their projects, identifying potential issues and opportunities for corrective action well before project completion. By embedding real-time analytics directly into Dynamics 365, Axtension® transforms data into actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making and agile project management.


  • Integration with Dynamics 365 for holistic data analysis
  • Real-time snapshots of project financials
  • Earned Value Management for performance evaluation

Advanced Cost Control Capabilities

The advanced cost control features of Axtension® allow for meticulous financial planning and monitoring throughout each phase of a project. By setting and comparing budgets against actual and earned costs, project managers can maintain tight control over financials, optimizing spending and maximizing project value. This granular control extends to all facets of project budgeting, from initial estimates to ongoing adjustments, ensuring financial objectives are met.


  • Phase-specific budget creation and tracking
  • Comparison of planned, actual, and earned costs
  • Inclusion of production costs in project budgets
  • Comprehensive management of budget baselines and adjustments
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Progress and Estimate Datasets

Project Controlling’s progress and estimate datasets provide a dynamic framework for evaluating project performance against financial forecasts. These datasets facilitate an ongoing review process, enabling managers to adjust strategies based on real-time data. By systematically comparing budgeted costs with actual expenses and project progress, Axtension® helps ensure projects remain on track financially and operationally, promoting a proactive approach to project management.


  • Creation and analysis of progress and estimate datasets
  • Real-time comparison of budgeted vs. actual spending
  • Impact analysis of project progress on financial forecasts
  • Earned value analysis for in-depth cost performance evaluation

Subcontractor Management and Change Orders in Dynamics 365

Effectively managing subcontractors and navigating change orders are crucial for maintaining project budgets and timelines. Axtension® streamlines these processes by integrating subcontractor contracts and change order management directly into the financial oversight of projects. This integration ensures that all contractual and financial adjustments are accurately reflected in project budgets, enhancing transparency and control over external project components.


  • Streamlined subcontractor contract creation and progress billing
  • Automatic invoice processing and budget allocation
  • Efficient management of change orders and budget adjustment

Reporting and Analytics

With Axtension®, gaining insights into project financials and performance metrics is straightforward, thanks to its robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of budget status, margin analysis, and cost breakdowns, allowing for detailed financial reviews and strategic planning. This data-driven approach to project management enables continuous improvement and ensures projects achieve their financial goals.


  • Detailed financial performance reports and dashboards
  • Margin analysis and cost breakdowns for comprehensive financial oversight
  • Customizable views for tailored financial analysis

Gain control of your projects with Axtension® and Dynamics 365

Axtension® Project Controlling is a game-changer for businesses seeking to master their project financials within Dynamics 365. By offering advanced features for real-time visibility, cost control, budget management, and analytical reporting, Axtension® empowers users to confidently navigate the complexities of project financials. Whether your projects are straightforward or highly complex, Axtension® provides the tools you need to ensure profitability and success.

Learn more about Axtension® Project Controlling and transform your project financial management