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Alithya’s promise is to be committed

The first letter of the business’s name, the letter A, becomes the basis for the accompanying symbol. Through its shape, color and placement, the A points upward to symbolize the business’s promise of commitment. It acts as a base and pivot for the red, green and blue arrows, which represent Alithya’s clients, partners and employees. The arrows form an asterisk; the symbol’s open shape evokes Alithya’s receptiveness.

  • Leading-edge – Alithya builds and implements ingenious solutions.
  • People-oriented – Alithya fosters authentic relationships.
  • Open – Alithya adapts to the customer’s context.
  • Genuine – Alithya is about people.


Alithya has the solutions and strategies you need.

Show us where you are and we’ll show you where you could be. We can help you get more out of your business on a number of levels. Whether it’s modernizing your systems, changing your business processes or refocusing your strategy, to name but a few, you need Alithya on your team for ensured success.


This AXtension Partner is located in the United States and Canada and offers the following AXtension® Business Solutions:


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