AXtension® Academy – Open Registration Training sessions

Select your training from the tiles below, pick the correct region and preferred dates, and sign up now for the Open Registration Training Sessions that the AXtension Academy offers!



The sign-up procedure:

1 Select your preferred training from the tiles, pay attention to the region and dates.

2 Fill in the registration form, provide a PO- or reference number if possible.

3 You will receive a confirmation email.

4 We will contact you to confirm the training and request a PO- or reference number.

5 The training must be paid before attending the training.

6 You will receive an email prior to the training with all the details, example files and login information.

7 We are ready to start the training.



Terms and conditions:

AXtension remains the right to alter the time and agenda of all training provided.

Registrants must notify AXtension in case of cancellation 48 hours before the start of the training.

Enrollment closes 7 days before the first training day.