AXtension® Kitting


Enhance the process of combining separate but related items 

AXtension® Kitting enables organizations with a production or logistic warehouse to gain a substantial increase in profitability by making optimal combinations of their products and/or services (kits). Thus guaranteeing delivery to promise, while simultaneously taking advantage of a highly flexible stock and controllable sales process.




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Why AXtension®

AXtension® Kitting is a must-have solution which allows you to:

  • Sell out stock, up-sell and cross-sell products by combining items into a kit based on accurate information on stock levels and product availability.
  • Prevent SKU growth and increase flexibility by never having to stock kits, only the separate items.
  • Improve communication with the different stakeholders and boost the accuracy and detail of information on documents generated by Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Ensure kit integrity throughout the supply chain. This reduces errors and, for example, prevents the accidental delivery of incomplete kits.

These are just a few of the reasons we have been named the 2016 Global Microsoft Dynamics ISV of the Year and, over the years, not a single customer has ever used our money back guarantee.


How does AXtension® Kitting work?


AXtension® Kitting is a powerful tool that handles a set of components as a kit:

  • Sell a kit, pick and ship the components, and invoice the kit. Use either kit or component level pricing for flexible pricing options.

  • Define static kits of specified components that will not change and/or dynamic kits with flexible lists of components and prices.

  • Use the report settings in AXtension® Kitting to determine which details are printed on various documents such as the sales confirmation, sales picking list, sales packing slip, invoice and the purchase order. The output documents can list either the kit price or the price per component.


Today, over 35 organizations all over the world benefit from the ease and efficiency of AXtension® Kitting to process more than two million kits per year. This modular, turnkey solution can be implemented in days instead of weeks. And with a guaranteed ROI of less than a year, you can start saving time and money immediately.


AXtension reference idX
idX Corporation, the preeminent manufacturer of consumer environments.
AXtension reference Sapa
Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions – a new company that joined the aluminium extrusion businesses of Sapa and Hydro. 
AXtension reference NHP
NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated market leader where the aim is simple – to be 'easy to do business with'. 

AXtension® Kitting is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on that adds value to every organization that works with a process in which individually separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Why AXtension is a key differentiator

Within Microsoft Dynamics it is not possible to define a kit, also referred to as a sales BOM. There are many situations imaginable where a number of items must be combined into one trading item so that it can be communicated to the customer as a single unit. This will influence the trading agreements and all communication to the customer, while internally the individual items are picked and packed.

This process is also known from a procurement perspective, where one item is purchased but when they are received the purchased goods are stripped or unboxed and put on stock as individual items.


Points of interest:


  • Items cannot be grouped into one trading item with multiple logistical items.
  • Trade agreements can only be set on items and not on a group of combined items.
  • Production orders or a BOM journal is the only possibility to support Kitting.
  • Kitting is only supported within a Retail environment.
  • Communication to the customer cannot be influenced to reduce confusion.




AXtension® Kitting allows you to support both temporary and permanent kits. Decisions can be made on how to communicate details on these items to make sure no confusions will exist.


A direct relation can be made between the purchased items and a Kit trading item from the customer’s perspective, while internally everyone will be aware of the combination of items that must be picked and packed. No production orders have to be created or BOM journals posted to convert the individual items into one trading item. 



  • Sales/Purchase BOM = Kit.
  • Pre-defined and Dynamic kits for the purchase, return and sales process.
  • Extended document functionality.
  • Financial correctness given by clear margins (postings and pricings).
  • Save time, save money.

Functions and features

When you are creating a sales line and select a static kit item, when the line is saved, all of the sub lines will be created and shown. These greyed out sales lines show how the kit is built, but they cannot be edited individually. You can edit the number of items on kit header level. The Max kits to be delivered function shows the available stock. Depending on the settings that you have specified for the kit group, you can define if partial delivery of kits is allowed.

When adding a sales line with a dynamic kit item, a pop-up screen is displayed that allows you to add items to the kit from a predefined set of items. These items can be categorized in groups and can all be individually altered. When the kit is complete, you can close the form and the additional lines will be added as greyed out, non-editable, lines. You can change the kit using the Edit dynamic kit function.

You can also define what information should be displayed on which documents. You could for instance display the individual items on the picking list, while on the invoice you only mention the kit.

Pricing can be arranged via the kit trade agreement or a sum of the individual parts.

Focus industries & processes

AXtension® Kitting can be used in any trade driven organization.



Solution examples

  • A trade organization has a temporary sales event where multiple items are combined and special pricing is applied. AXtension® Kitting allows the organization to create a static kit item containing the items. With a trade agreement on kit level, the temporary pricing can be arranged.


  • An organization wants to improve the tools presented to a sales manager for upselling. AXtension® Kitting can create a dynamic kit. The sales person will then be presented with all of the options and additional products that can be sold.