AXtension® Content Gate


Open the gates to accurate content


AXtension® Content Gate is the ideal cloud-based solution for managing content related to your business processes. Connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment with AXtension® Content Gate and start creating your single point-of-truth for all content in your organization.







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AXtension® Content Gate introduction video

In any organization content is critical to success.

Every person and department has his or her unique content that is either being received or created to support business processes. Watch the video to find out how AXtension® Content Gate enables your organization to maximize the value of document management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Top 5 reasons why every organization should use AXtension® Content Gate:

  • Reduce miscommunication and costly mistakes by providing one integral picture of all relevant content including content from related business entities.

  • Create a unified single point of truth for storing content. Content stored in Content Gate can also be shared with your business partners, so you will both have the same "truth".
  • Reduce up to 65 percent on duplicate storage costs and simplify access control by storing each document only once. One document can be linked to multiple business entities.

  • Increase productivity up to 60 percent by reducing the time needed to find and store content related to your business process.
  • Plug-and-play. AXtension® Content Gate runs on top of your existing infrastructure as a cloud based solution. No complex installation and configuration, but plug-and-play.

Content Galleries


Create a single point of truth for the content in your organization, by having all relevant content displayed in the content gallery.


Within the content gallery, you can access all relevant content related to your business processes in one single screen, across multiple business applications like Dynamics 365 and CRM.


Role-based views


View documents based on the role in your organization.


Within any organization, people in different roles are interested in a different set of content. With the content galleries of AXtension® Content Gate, you can create the views that are needed to access the relevant content based on the role in your organization.


Document preview


Preview documents directly in your browser


Content can be previewed directly in the browser, without downloading to your local system.


Single storage procedure


Create a single procedure for storing content related to your business processes in a fast and convenient way.


Content can be stored with just a few clicks, by opening AXtension® Content Gate directly from your business application, and automatically relate the content to your business entity.


All your business relevant content can be stored in multiple storage locations like Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and SharePoint Online. This storage location can be determined automatically based on content type or business entity values.

AXtension® Content Gate

View all relevant and available content


View related content


Find directly and indirectly related content by using the relations between business objects in your source system.


By viewing not only directly related content, but also indirect related content, you get a clear overview of relevant and available content. Instead of showing content in different screens, Content Gate aggregates all the content you need to support your business processes.

Multi-level security on your content


Multi-level security


Secure your content by using the connect & respect principle.


If you don't have access to a specific entity in Dynamics 365, you won't have access to the related content as well. The security settings that are in place in your ERP, CRM or storage systems, will be used determining the access rights for a document for a user

AXtension® Content Gate

Use the faceted filtering option to find relevant content







Find document by using faceted filtering on user defined properties or business entities. Refine your content query based on additional facetted filtering.

Connect third party solutions with the AXtension Content Gate API






The AXtension® Content Gate API enables you to connect third party solutions and Microsoft products line Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps.

Share content between departments


Collaborate between departments

Sharing content between your departments improves the efficiency between your departments, by having all content available at the right time in the business process. This reduces the lead time for any information request.


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